About Us

Suji's Korean Cuisine is a close-knit family of professionals who are passionate about food, and about the moments of personal connection that are built around food.

We are proud to offer a line of delicious, authentic Korean meals and entrees that are clean label and gluten-free. Our refrigerated and frozen dishes bring traditional Korean flavors to the home chef in easy to prepare and personalize menu items. Suji’s Korean Sauces are available in spicy and savory blends that instantly add a true-to- the-culture taste to meats, vegetables, stir- fries, roasted and grilled foods.

We Are Global:

fluent in the languages and food cultures of Korea, Japan, and the United States. We consider ourselves "translators" of food experiences, in a way; we preserve all the authenticity and original intent of flavors that may come across as exotic at first, but we present those flavors in ways that are comfortable, wholesome and familiar.


The inspiration behind Suji's is its namesake, founder and CEO Suji Park. When she returned to her native Korea after living in New York, she found she missed the relaxed and leisurely food culture of Sunday brunch, along with other American food traditions. She opened a New York style restaurant in Seoul, which grew into a group of restaurants and a food development company producing convenient, all-natural foods from Korea, Japan, and the United States for easy preparation at home.

Suji and her team now are bringing delicious and wholesome Korean food to the United States, just as she brought U.S. flavors to Korea years ago. To accomplish that, Suji moved from Seoul to the heartland of America: Omaha, Nebraska, the "Silicon Valley of packaged foods" as the Suji's team likes to call it. Together with the world's top food experts, Suji has worked tirelessly to create an authentic, all-natural line of convenient Korean food offerings with no added preservatives or MSG.

Let Suji's Make Your Next Meal Easy.

And be assured, Suji's will put no product into stores that we would not happily serve to our own friends and family.